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Welcome to the official website of TIPTOP MOULD&PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY LTD!
I have worked with TIPTOP mould on many projects over the last few years. The molds always come as standard with high quality components and are designed & built to last. I would highly recommend TIPTOP mould to anyone else looking to create cost-effective, high-quality mold.
Agora B. V. Sam
Product Development Engineer


A 100% export mold marker in Donguan of China. We focus on quality in every detail.
What we do is manufacturing of high-quality injection molds that are optimized for highspeed production. Our focus is on creating unexpected value for money solutions where the cost is surprisingly low for very high-quality mold making.
This gives our customers the extra edge in competitive bidding situations.
Our molds cover automotive, electronic, cosmetic, commodity, medical, chemical, industry durable production… and so on. We are sophisticated in building various of complex molds and products. Especially the collapsible core and unscrewing constructions are our competitive advantages.

Trusted By Engineers Globally At Market Leading Companies
Specializing in mold design, development, and production
+86  18928431290
We build inteligently designed injection molds cut to world leading precision quicker than anybody else.
Quick Prototypes

Parts available in as little as 24 Hours

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Engineering design
Part, Mold flow, 1k,2k,3k mold

Extensive experience with all types molds

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Mold making
350 molds per year

Flexible production with big 

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Injection molding
Extreme precision

SIM to check the mold running and 
produce high quality parts

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Our preferred and trusted international mold partner for over 6 years. We have had success with many UK and EU mold projects. Great communication, regular updates, and great post-delivery technical support. Highly recommended..
Omega Plastic Peter
Technical Director
Having worked closely with TIPTOP mould on numerous projects over the years, we have found that TIPTOP offer a full professional service from an initial enquiry right through to the finished product. The high standards continually produced along with very competitive pricing, exceptional lead-times and good communication.
Tooling and Design Manager
Innovative Design
Our molds are designed by world leading experts with experience in all types of molds.
Cut to Perfection
Our inserts are cut on the best equipment with extreme precision. Thanks to this our master mold fitters can assemble each mold with no manual fitting.
Always on Time
Thanks to our large and flexible capacity we have removed normal mold making bottle necks. This gives unbeatable lead times.
Unrivaled Service
We always stay close to our customer through the whole process from order to full production at the customer site.

About us:100% Chinese export mold manufacturer, focusing on the quality of every detail. 

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Floor 1, Building A, Yidalong Industrial Park, Bihu 
Avenue, Fenggang Town, Dongguan, China. 523681
609#, West Building, Coastal Times, Shennan 
Boulevard12069#, Shenzheng China 518052